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5 Tips Sellers can Use to Improve their Amazon Sales Rank

22 Sunday Mar 20

Amazon Sales Rank

If you are working towards boosting sales from your online business, you should consider listing your items on Amazon. As the largest eCommerce site, Amazon allows people to sell just about anything. However, selling on this eCommerce giant is not as easy as it sounds. As such, you should be ready to dedicate time and effort into boosting your products' ranking on search results.

You also need to have a good knowledge about  amazon rank and what entails because it will help create a strategic plan to grow your online business.

Defining Amazon Sales Rank

Popularly referred to as Best Seller Ranking (BSR), Amazon sales rank is a metric that is used to rate the product popularity within its category. The metric enables sellers to know the ranking and performance of their products in the market in relation to their competitors. 

The metric is updated every hour and can be calculated using an amazon sales rank calculator . The amazon sales rank chart is used to display sales rank information for a specific period of time, the chart is updated every month.

Though it is possible to capture hourly sales rankings, the data cannot be used to predict the future performance of a product due to fluctuations. Instead, monthly rankings provide a more clear picture. 

How Can Sellers Do to Improve Amazon Sales Rank?

When buying a product, buyers rarely check the details page of a product. Rather, they focus more on how a product ranks on the bestseller' list. As such, Amazon sellers should work towards ensuring that the products they sell are ranked highly so that they are buyers can find them easily. 

So, what is a good Amazon sales rank ? As a general rule, any product that ranks between 1 and 3 is considered to have a good sales ranking. If you are looking to boost your product's Amazon ranking, here are five ways you can do that: 

Optimize Product Titles

A large number of shoppers use item titles to make purchase decisions. As such, use creative titles on your items to captive buyers. An interesting way to do this is to give your products catchy titles that appeal to buyers and capture their attention. Also, use balanced titles that communicate something good about the items you are selling. Ideally, your titles should capture product details such as the name, product brand and a few unique features.

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Price your Products Competitively 

When customers go online to shop, product prices are always on top of their mind. As such, products that are reasonably priced tend to rank highly in customer searches. To improve sales ranking, Amazon sellers should strive to price their products slightly lower than their competitors. Ideally, the price should be inclusive of other additional costs including shipping fee. 

Make Product Descriptions Clear

Product descriptions are important because they explain to buyers what your item is about. Ideally, product descriptions should be brief and concise. Some details that product descriptions should highlight include: 

  • Product details like name, ingredients and quantity
  • How the product works
  • The benefits it offers users
  • What makes it unique or different from others in the market

Ideally, a product description should be a deliberate attempt to answer any questions that buyers might have before they even ask. To ensure that search engines pick the product, ensure that relevant keywords are used in the description. Consider using the amazon sales rank tracker optimized keywords appropriately. 

Use Multiple, Clear Images

Images speak volumes and are good at capturing buyer attention. They are powerful tools of communication that can summarize 1000 words in just a single image. To ensure that buyers notice your items, use quality images that depict professionalism. Avoid images using poor images as those send negative messages about your products to buyers. 

Pay attention to Amazon's image size requirements and ensure your images adhere to them. Some image requirements that you should remember when posting item pictures on Amazon include: 

  • 1000 pixels images 
  • Occupy 85% of page frame 
  • Display item from different angles
  • Format - JPEG, TIFF, PNG or GIF
  • Taken against white background 
  • No logos, borders or watermarks 

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Final Thoughts

Sales ranking determines how successful Amazon businesses become. Sellers who sell products that constantly feature on the bestseller list register more sales than those that don't. But having a good sales rank on Amazon does not just happen - it requires business to be intentional and strategic in their sales ranking efforts. If you are an Amazon seller looking to improve your product's sales rank Amazon , apply the four tips discussed above and put your business on the path to success today.

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