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A Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

22 Saturday Feb 20

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Amazon is a big online community where buying and selling takes place. Funnily, it started as only a bookstore.

Recently, it accommodates over a million traders with a ton of product offerings. However, I’ve heard a lot of complaints from traders finding it hard to make sales on Amazon.

Since there is so much competition, it may not give much room for new sellers. Well, if you are ready to work, this article can help you improve your sales and earn more profits on Amazon.

Just like Google, there are certain things you don’t know about that can give you an advantage over your competition.

Once you can maximize these features to your benefit, you have no problem at all. One of these important things that can help you gain more customers is Product Listing Optimization.

Importance of Amazon Listing Optimization

Before we dive into discussing Amazon Listing Optimization, I’ll love to talk about its importance. This aspect will tell you why every Amazon seller needs it.

I always say, “information is one of the key ingredients to success.” You can be hardworking and still not get positive results. This is because your hard work is directly in the wrong direction.

Failure to optimize your product listings on Amazon will result in less visits, customers and sales. This isn’t the dream, right? The dream is to go on Amazon and make millions. The best way to start that journey to greatness is by optimizing your product listings.

What do we mean by product listing on Amazon?

Every Amazon seller should know this but peradventure you’re a new seller or aspiring to be one, amazon product listing is simply a listing of your products.

Amazon ensures every seller lists their products on Amazon before publishing it for sale. Your product listing on Amazon should entail a number of items which includes:

●    Images of Products

●    Title of products

●    Features of products

●    Description of products

●    Frequently asked questions

All these items will be properly explained in the sections below.

What is Amazon Listing Optimization?

Amazon Listing Optimization is a procedure taken to rank your products on Amazon. When your Amazon product listing is well optimized, this is what will happens:

●    Your sales will shoot up

●    The number of visits to your product page will increase

●    More importantly, your earnings will increase.

What else do you want when all these three items are achieved? That’s practically every traders’ dream on Amazon. In this article lies the secrets to building a successful brand on Amazon.

Stay tuned!

How to optimize Amazon Listing?

At the beginning of this article, we learnt why amazon product listing optimization is essential. We went further list the most items or ingredients that you need to properly optimize your product listing on Amazon. In this aspect, we will discuss the optimization properly. Let’s dive in!

  • Title of Products

The title of your product matters a ton. This is the first thing people will see. The word count limit is 250 words, so plan to exhaust the space provided by Amazon.

Ensure it’s well detailed and understandable. Something not complicated but explicit such that the customer gets what you’re offering.

Another thing is that you must not forget to add some important keywords that will help the optimization process.

  • Image of products

Some people may ask, “ how is this even important? ” It is very important. As a matter of fact, it might actually be the reason why the client chose to patronize you.

Take for instance, a customer came Amazon to purchase a product. After selecting two different vendors selling the product he wants, an awesome product image might influence his final decision.

Amazon allows users to include about 9 product images. Ensure you make use of all the spaces. Your images must be professional, sizable, and clear. It should also include part of what you are offering them.

  • Features of the Products

This is also another important aspect that must be considered and taken with seriousness. The reason for this session is that your viewer may not be able to get to your product descriptions before leaving Amazon. The word count limit is about 1000 characters. 

Product features should be:

●    created in bullet points

●    Simple and precise

●    Well-detailed and grammatical accurate

The features must include important statements about the product such as its appearance, composition and function.

  • Descriptions

This is the next on your product listing. Since you’ve listed the features of your product in bulletpoints, you can just elaborate more on them in this aspect. Write a well-detailed product description. The word count limit is about 300 words.

●    Ensure your sentences are not too long, ambiguous or complicated such that the customer is confused.

●    Make it precise and straightforward.

●    Make it conversational

●    Ensure you don’t contradict the features you wrote above.

●    Don’t forget to include keywords.


Amazon listing optimization is an essential aspect of marketing your products on Amazon. That’s why I concluded that hard work pays when you have the right information to do the right thing.


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